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Having problems? Try updating your web browser!

Over the course of the past month or so we’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback from our users about the new Search Kitsap Homes. With the launch of a new website there are always some bugs that need to be worked out, and we want you to know that we appreciate you letting us know when you encounter a problem, and that we’re working on ironing out these wrinkles.

Many of the problems being experienced by users actually have a very simple fix; updating your web browser! For some reason our new website doesn’t always play well with older versions of web browsers – we are working on fixing this compatibility issue, but in the meantime taking a minute to update your browser may fix the problem you’re facing.

Select your browser from the list below to download the latest version of your browser. You may need to close your browser after the update and open it again for the update to take effect – or you may need to restart your computer.

If you’re still having problems you can also try:

  1. Clear your cache/cookies: You can likely find instructions for clearing cookies and clearing cache in your internet browser’s Help resources.  Your browser might refer to clearing cache and clearing cookies as clearing History or Temporary Internet Files
  2. Check your browser privacy settings: Again, use the help feature in your browser to find out where to do this in your particular browser. The following settings options will help you achieve optimal browsing success with our website:
  • Internet Explorer:  Set privacy level to “Medium”. Also click “Sites” and add!
  • Mozilla Firefox: For “History”, either select “Remember History” or “Use custom settings for history”. If “Use custom settings” is selected, make sure “Accept third-party cookies” and “they expire” are selected.
  • Google Chrome: For “Cookies” Allow local data to be set
  • Safari (Apple Users): Choose “Block cookies: From third parties and advertisers”

Again, you may need to restart your browser and/or computer after changing these settings. If you try these fixes and you are still having problems, please let us know! We launched this new site to make your home search even better, and if there’s a problem we will do our best to fix it for you.

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